A Harmonious Cacophony 2019

A Harmonious Cacophony

Transparent Domain invited Korean artist Lina Choi to lead a creative sounds workshop A Harmonious Cacophony at ILSC in London. Led by Korean artist Lina Choi, the workshop explored how we interpret and connect sounds from a socio-cultural perspective and made a sound artwork collaboratively.

led by Lina Choi and
curated by Transparent Domain
in supported of International Lutheran Student Centre

November. 2019

They recorded some sounds using everyday objects like a cup, paper, a book, a chair, a table, a brush, a pencil, a can, foil, and a balloon, crisps, or water, leaves, trees, and rocks, by tapping, knocking, ripping, or hitting. And then they made a sound installation with speakers. They also made sounds with their bodies.

The workshop aimed for enabling non-art based people to experience sound art that they might not consider as ‘sculpture’. They had a chance to get to know about unfamiliar art medium by experiencing by themselves. Also, the theme of the workshop is related to the relationship between individual and society.. We live in the society, and we need to harmonise with the other people as a member of the society. But, each person has its own voice or sound. The society seems to one community, but it consists of all different people with all different identities, personalities, cultural backgrounds, sexualities, interests. At the same time, I think the difference makes harmony. Hence, with sound, I wanted them to make their own voices, and at the same time, make a harmony, even if it is noisy when all sounds are together.