Lina Choi 

works in London and Seoul




2018-2020 Royal College of Art, Sculpture, MA  

2010-2014 Kyonggi University, Environment Sculpture,  BFA



2016  Boundary between Familiarity and Unfamiliarity, Haenggung-dong Community Art Center, Suwon, Korea     

2014  My Place in My Mind, Alternative space Noon, Suwon, Korea



2021(upcoming)Laboratory For Sound And Soul, Satellites, Germany [online]

2021(upcoming)The 7th New Media Art, CICA Museum, Seoul, Korea

2020 Emergent Vision, Safehouse 1&2(Uncovered Collective), London, UK

202024/7, The Shop Front 286, London, UK

2020Mushrooms In The Dark, Dulwich Constitutional Club, London, UK

2020 ACOUSMA Online Sound Art Experiment, No Space Gallery, China [online]

2020 Leeds Summer Group Show, Leeds, UK [online]

2019 Small Things, Zaratan – Arte Contemporânea, Lisbon, Portugal

2019 Antipode Diversity, Cambridge Artworks, Cambridge, UK

2019 Dear Damon, Courtyard Gallery, London, UK

2019 A World In Vertigo, Brunel Museum, London, UK

2017 Radical Museum, Seoul Innovation Park, Seoul, Korea

2016 Hello, Seoul!, Seoul Citizens Hall(Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture), Seoul, Korea                                                

2016 The River of Oblivion, Seoul Innovation Park, Seoul, Korea

2016 Phantasm, Open School (Anyang Foundation for Culture&Arts), Anyang, Korea   

2014 ONGI, Kosaspace Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2014 Asia Hotel Art Fair , Kips Gallery, HongKong

2014 World Cultural Heritage Exchange Project, Suwon Hwaseong Museum, Suwon, Korea 



2021 Incheon Art Platform(Open Lab), Incheon, Korea

2019 Zaratan Air, Zaratan – Arte Contemporânea, Lisbon, Portugal

2019 Cambridge Artworks, Cambridge, UK

2016-2017 Haenggung-dong Residency 8th, Suwon, Korea



2019 ‘Artist Directory’, Floorr Magazine, UK [online]



2020 A Harmonious Cacophony, sound workshop, Camberwell College of Arts, London, UK

2019 Artist Talk, Zaratan – Arte Contemporânea, Lisbon, Portugal  [online]

2019 Workshop, A Harmonious Cacophony, curated by Transparent Domain, International Lutheran Student Centre,  London, UK [online]

07/2017-09/2017 Workshop (Art education programme for senior), Seoul Innovation Park(Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture), Seoul, Korea



2015-2016 Assistant, Artist Lee Bul Studio, Seoul, Korea



2014 Horse Sculpture Competition, Select Prize, Korea
2011 CROWN Eco Environment Sculpture Competition, Special Prize, Korea