Thank you for being always there for me! (Cambridge Artworks)



Thank you for being always there for me!


video installation (6-channel video)






what is your special object?


                                    6 different interviews with their special objects           


What is your special object?
(comfort object?)

Dose it have name?

Do you always carry it? or

Is there any specific place you put it?

Where did you get it?

From whom did you get it?

Why is the object special for you?

How do you feel toward the object?

Does it remind of a special memory, person, or place?

Could you imagine losing it?

Is there any substitute for the object?

Do you love this object in the same way as you might love a human?

Please say something to your object.



   a necklace, a cricket ball, a ring, a pouch, a watch, keys